Topic Title: Trying to understand what the Heritage+ is all abo
Created on February 27, 2010 at 10:23 PM

Mike R

This looks like a grill that lights and has only one temperature setting - Huh ?? I just don't get why anybody would want a grill without temp controls...can somebody explain what this grill is about?? Never saw anything like this..

@ Mike R

You need to research Holland grills & a good place to start is right here on this blog.
All Holland grills cook using the same convection/drip pan concept, and with the exception of the new Charcoal grill, they cook at one temp & you vary the time depending on what you are cooking.
Read customer comments on this blog, then go to the "Why buy a Holland?" section. If you still have questions, call Holland.


I don't know where you live, but the best way to understand what a Holland is all about is to sample the food that comes off the grill.
The food is what sells Holland grills. Holland is a 25 year old company & hundreds of thousands of customers can't be wrong.
Use the "Find a dealer" link to see if there are any dealers close to you that might be doing demos on the weekend.


Your life becomes much easier (your cooking life) with a Holland. Turn it on, put the food on, go do something, then eat it. No guessing what temperature to use, no flareups, no hassle. Simple.


just bought one best damm thing i have ever seen i cooked meatloaf chicken pork ribs pineapple upside down cake fish cakes . tasted very good,


I've had my Heritage grill for two years and we still can't figure it out. The food that comes out is pretty dry and even in low wind conditions our flame goes out. My husband (not being an avid griller) has almost blown himself up twice because there is no way of knowing if the grill is lit without sticking your face into that small little hole to see if the flame is still on. Any advice would be GREAT.. he is now scared to use the grill.

@ Karen

You apparently have a gas delivery problem. Grill not getting hot enough & flame blows out easily. Have you tried any of the tips in the Trouble-shooting section of the web-site?

Call Holland, don't try to get these kinds of answers on a blog.


I acquired one of these grills when my brother died and I too can't figure out what it is or what to do with it. I thought that I had myself a good BBQ grill, but after reading the literature it turns out that it's not a grill at all; it's some kind of a slow-cooker/oven/smoker kind of thing. It seems like false advertising to call it a grill. I want my burgers and steaks grilled, not baked. I put it in the backyard shed and bought a Weber grill. It's been 5 years now and maybe I should either try using it or get rid of it.

Franklin D.

@ Steve,
You might want to wander through the recipes section on this web-site to get an idea of what a Holland is about.
I don't use or need "Flamethrower" grills anymore since I got my first Holland 9 yearsago.


I too was skeptical. Last year a dealer had a Holland Companion he let me demo for a few weeks. Now I have a Heritage as well as the portable Companion. I take the Companion camping. I love to watch the other campers when I take off the Stuffed Mushrooms.
If it seems the grill is not getting hot enough it it most likely a gas delivery issues as someone said previously. My grills get to 400 degrees in about 10 min. Call your local dealer or Holland. My dealer has had to use different orifices on some occasions.
I will never own another "Flame Thrower" ever!!


Steve...we might need a buy/sell place on the blog...I love my Holland and after friends taste the results...they want one. A used one would be a good starting place. Keep an open mind..this us not a charcoal grill but Holland sells one if you can't break the habit. Follow the recipes...step by step...


Someone has been drinking the Haterade...enjoy your weber!


I bought my Heritage 11 years ago and its been great. It does take sometime to get use to cooking on it, but once you taste the food that comes off it you will be satisfied. You need to go to a dealer when they are doing a demo.


You've got to try that bodacious butt recipe. It really is good and gives you a great and different flavor.