Topic Title: cooking times
Created on March 7, 2010 at 12:51 AM


can anyone tell me if it takes longer to cook ribs on the rib rack then on the grill itself? each time i use the rack it takes 30-45 min lomger. is it just me or has it happened t others?? thanks in advance howard


I have the companion model and I can make 2 full racks of baby back ribs. First you cook them for about 40 minutes, then flip for another 20 or so. Then take them off the grill and wrap tightly in aluminum foil with bbq sauce on the bottom ( 1/2 bottle) and smother the rest of the sauce on top until you can't see the meat. Cook another hour without looking and you will have ribs that you can eat with a plastic fork, fall off the bone excellent.


The rib rack holds them upright doesnt it?
if its laying on the grill i would think there's more surface area to catch heat versus up on its end.

SD Kid

I want to try Dave's baby back ribs, it sounds like he is not using the rib rack, but laying it directly on the cooking grid? I do not have the rib rack yet. Do you agree?


I've been cooking pigs for over 40 years.If you want a idea from an old southern boy here it is.Put the ribs in a good size pot and boil them 1st.I check them with a fork making sure the ribs have become soft enough to let the fork slide in and out easily.Then I drain them and put them in a disposable pan and marinate the heck out of them till the ribs are completely covered and cover the pan with aluminum foil.depending on the temp of your grill usually an hour later I'll check it and turn it over and baste with the sauce in the pan ,recover and let it alone for 30 minutes more.You will be surprised that the meat on the ribs literally falls off with a fork...Jim