Topic Title: Companion Not staying lit
Created on March 13, 2008 at 05:50 PM


I ahve a Companion grill that has a hard time staying lit. Do the stacks on top have to stay open in order for it to work? Also the regulator just sets in there and seems somewhat flimsy. Is this correct?


I used to sell these grills, the regulator does fit in there very loosely. As for the stacks being up, I'm not sure about that one, we never ran into this problem, you may want to call Holland on that.


The instruction manual says the stacks should be in the upward position when being used. I believe that when they are both down you do not have enough air flow and that is why the flame goes out. I also questioned how loose the regulator fits in the tube but so far I have had no problems.


Is there any chance that you are using your Companion hooked up to a larger 20lb tank? Apparently, some aftermarket hoses don't work very well with the Companion regulator. If it works good with a little 1lb tank, but not so good hooked up to a larger tank with a hose, you probably have a bad hose. I just went through this & ordered a Holland hose which solved my problem.