Topic Title: half grill
Created on March 18, 2010 at 10:52 AM


has anyone use the half grill or is it just in the way

@ Mary

The "half grid" will add 50% to your cooking area & will not be in your way.
It just sits on top of your full cooking grid so you can take it off if you don't need it.


dont never use it to much money any way


just thought in would make the grill alittle biger


I love it and would not be without it. It does cook differently than the lower grid. I like that

Scott D

I use it often. It heats differently just like different area's on the main grill. It definitely expands the surface area and with 4 kids Holland allows me to grill meat, vegetables and potato's all at the same time, I need all the area I can get. Well worh the $.


does the 1/2 grid cook faster or slower been thinking of getting one thanks


I have one,used it three times. Would like to get rid of it; Takes up too much space, therefor defeats the reason for my purchase.

@ Todd

I disagree. When cooking a lot of smaller items, it is a great way to get more on the grill. When cooking larger stuff like chickens, turkeys, etc., just take it off. It is not bolted on. I would buy yours, but mine will last forever.


I just cooked fries and warmed buns while cooking 5 hamburger patties.

I think its great. Just my 2 pennies.


got mine yesterday love it cooked fires and burgers makes a great ad. to a perfect grill holland your good


Glad you enjoy it Mary. I love mine as well!