Topic Title: lighting
Created on March 18, 2010 at 12:18 PM


Has anyone had problem with the new epic lighting with the ignitor? Mine was brand new 2 days ago and the only way i can get it to light is with a lighter. There is good spark from ignitor but will not light the gas. Any Ideas??????????


If you have a good visable spark directly in front of a burner port & it won't light, you have a gas flow or gas mixture problem.
If your air-shutter is adjusted too lean, it will try to blow the gas away from the burner & the igniter.
Make sure the flame is blue with yellow tips, an all blue flame is too lean.. Your grill should get to about 450 degrees. If not, your gas mixture is not right.


I will take alook at it tonight but I thought it looked good when it was going last thanks


adjusted the flame and retried it and I got it to light twice out of six tries tried a couple times this morning and can"t get it to light


Mine is hard to light too.
I have to admit, i havent had time to look into it too much.


I'm having the same problem. When I do get it lite I have a beautiful blue flame with orange tips. Getting a good spark from the lighter. I need help.


Even though you have a spark it may not be enough. Check the distance between the probe & ground rod. If it is too close the spark will be too small. You need about the thickness of your index finger between the two probes.
You may have to remove the igniter to adjust it.