Topic Title: flavobuds or other smoking techniques
Created on March 25, 2010 at 02:17 PM


Being a flame griller my entire life, I was verging on selling this Holland Grill until I came to this website. I still want that wood coal smokiness, and know it's easy, but someone just tell me. How do I use that wood chip tray? Soak chips and set in the corner? Doesn't seem to get enough heat to smoke. Ideas?

@ Eric

The pellets need to be at 400+ degrees for a few minutes before they start ashing & smoking. If your grill is heating properly, the tray in the front is fine. Just put DRY pellets in before you light the grill & don't lift that lid until you see smoke from the stacks, then add 5 minutes for the pellets to ash up well before adding food.
If your grill heat is marginal, use an aluminum pan in the back of the drip pan as this is usually the hottest place in the grill.
Hope this helps.


Eric, I too am a charcoal afectionado and I will always have my charcoal grill......but I too will always have a Holland.

I thought I used to grill a lot on my charcoal grill which was about once a week. But I have had my Holland for about a year now and I use it at least 3 or more times a week.

It's the versatility and ease that just cannot be met. While I personally have not been able to get a charcoal grill taste from my Holland, the taste that I do get coupled with the ease of use more than makes up for it.

I have cooked every thing from whole turkeys, meatloafs and salmon to bacon and biscuits and leftover pizza.

I will always have a Holland Grill.

@ Vince

Sounds like you need to need to keep your eyes peeled for the new "Holland Charcoal grill" which should be on the market soon. I think it was called the "Patriot".

I have considered a SearMate for my existing grill, but a Holland charcoal grill sitting next to my Holland LP grill would be the ultimate.


I'm on my second Holland and throughly love it. I've had the same flavobuds in the chip tray for over a year and they are still in pretty good shape. In my humble opinion, I don't think a person could put enough flavored pellets in a Holland to get a smoked taste and have enough room for meat. A little liquid smoke goes a long way if that's the taste you desire.

@ Rod

If your buds have been in the tray for a year & still are in good shape, then they have never been hot enough to smoke. You need to check the heat on your grill.
If the buds don't light up & ash out, they won't smoke. If they don't smoke, you will get no smoke flavor in your food.
I use 2 aluminum pouches in the back of my Holland. They create enough smoke to make my eyes water when I open the lid.


I have put pellets in the back left corner of the aluminum tray with limited results for smoking. Pellets placed in the box appear almost the same as when they were put in at the onset of the cooking. The Temperature gets up to touch the green part of the thermometer at about approx 350 max some of the time, many times the temp is less than that. The temp has never crossed into the green portion of the thermometer. I would estimate the Holland cooks in the 300 or so range. Where do you think the problem lies? Mike


A poster last year mentioned "Olde BBQ Smoke Cones". I've used them quite a few times over the last year. You might want to give them a try.

However remember you light the cone with grill still not lit. Place your meat on the grate and let the smoke cone do its thing. After the cone stop smoking, remove the meat from the grate light the grill wait required time then place meat on the grate and commence cooking.

I've had more success in imparting smoke flavor into the meat with these than just Flavo Buds in the tray by themselves. I've also used the buds in the tray after the "Cone" treatment for the rest of the cook.



I bought an older used holland last month that doesnt have a chip tray. I found just making a foil pouch or two with dried wood chips and a few holes poked in the foil, placed in the corners of the grill adds great smoke flavor. The steaks cooking nearest the pouches taste amazing.

Tom Kirkman

I put some hickory wood chips in the tray on my Apex the first night I used it. Worked like a charm. They turned to ash in about 30 minutes. I did get some smoke flavor and Lord knows the smoke rolled out of the stacks.

A Holland grill that only heats to 350F needs to be looked into. It should easily maintain 400F+.


Tom, my grill is heating to 425 and I've not had ashes yet. I use real wood chips not processed pellets. I've tried with pre-soaked mesquite and dry mesquite. Nothing. I even tried putting the smoker box on the drip pan with no results. Is there a way to put chips under the drip pan? This is really my only complaint with my Holland.

Roger T

Dry Flav-o-buds in the Seaoning & Sauces section. Aluminum Bud tray in the Grill accessories section. Put in the back left corner of the drip pan before lighting the grill.
I have one of the older models that don't get as hot as the newer ones. Just preheat until you see smoke from the stacks & give them 5 more minutes to ash up good before raising the lid to add food.