Topic Title: To buy or not to buy
Created on April 1, 2010 at 11:24 PM

SD Kid

When I first saw the Apex at the home show, I liked the cooking concept. And the SS and made in my country. Then I found this site and read and read. It seems to me the Holland is a VERY delicate grill. You have to worry about the flame going out, Not reaching the high temp, You have to even balance it before you grill. I never heard about leaving meat or poultry out for 30 - 45 mins before putting on grill, well I can go on, but I still have this gut feeling I may be missing out on the best grill ever. The store just called me and said they just got the Apex in! They have one on display but I like to put things together myself. But as I was looking at the one on display some stranger came up and said do not buy one he bought one last year and is very unhappy with it. So I ask you, should a Take a $900 tax not added yet chance?? I really like to get this but my wife said you are going to be sorry?

Jeff G

* The cooking concept has changed the way I even cook on my other grills. Cooking indirect helps retain moisture and avoid the burnt char you get from direct cooking.

* The grill being Delicate...No, its not. If the flame is set properly you shouldn't have to worry about the flame going out.

* Not getting up to temp is not that common. All the posts you read are people who have had the problem. You never hear from the countless more that never have the problem.

* By balancing the grill, I assume you mean having it level. Every grill should be level...Heat rises.

* By putting food out for a while and allowing the temp to rise gives better cooking results whether you are using a Holland or not. If you have a 36 degree piece of meat right out of the fridge, it will not cook as even as one that has been brought to a higher temperature. As long as your meat is not in the DANGER ZONE 40-140 for too long your OK.

* As for the stranger not liking the grill, well that doesn't necessarily mean you won't. Maybe he likes Fords and you like Chevy's. Many people who do not like Holland grills like burnt food. Those same people can't get used to not opening the grill every 10 seconds to see if their food is burning. Holland users love their grills because they are...
- Easy to use
- Reliable
- Customer Service is great
- Warranty is better than most

If you are reluctant to buy, see if there are going to be any demonstrations in your area.

SD Kid

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have to try it and will let all know what I think, once I get it together and the weather improves. cannot wait to try a whloe turkey and the breafast I saw in the video.

I bought a indoor rotisserie that every one said it was a piece of junk, and it turned out to be one of the best additions to our cooking enjoyments ever, hope this will be the same! Thanks!!!


Mine is 22 years old looks like new and cook on it 4-6 times a week sometimes more if breakfast and supper on sunday best food you will ever eat



I must add this forum is what gave me the swing vote to buy this grill. I hope this forum will keep going for a long time cannot wait to ask questions or give results.

Not sure if anyone heard of Martin Logan speakers, and they have a forum just about these great speakers, guess what I bought a pair and love them.

Obviously every one here loves good food, and sharing, I wana be part of this family once I get my grill. We have a snow storm going on right now so have to wait before I can get my grill, "sad".


I never heard of Holland grills till recently before Easter, I came across an add for a grill for sale, so I made the phone call, made appointed time and WOW!!! I have never seen one or heard bout them till now, so in need I made the purchase from this nice lady and trekked it home... upon arrival I did some history checks on this grill and found out I had bought my last grill ever!!! Seeing is believing how versatile the heritage series is plus the others available. Oh did I say bought my last grill ever, forgot to mention I will be buying the gas companion soon for all my camping trips I'm so happy with the one from the ad I do recommend to one a test drive, I did, and will continue to have grilling success for a long time.......


Well I picked up my new apex grill today and I was very happy to see much of it is already put together right out of the box. Sorry for all the questions, but now everthing comes together once you have it infront of you with the manual.

Cannot wait to do my first turkey, but will break it in with breakfast baccon and eggs like in the video!

Thanks again for answering all my questions, I promise not to post unless its really serious, good bye, and a special good bye to "Jeez"!


Well, bye


I like my classic so much I have rebuilt it from the ground up. The only thing I had to buy was another grill with a brand new bottom shell (very lucky) and a drip pan from Holland. Total of the refurb $180.00 plus some
$$ for spray paint and degreaser. It was quite a bit of work though. But it was a labor of love. This should convince you if nothing else does.


I love my classic too and was going to rebuild it. I can't find the plastic food trays for each side. Where would one go to order such?


you can go by any marine store and get some star board will work fine that is what I built mine out of better than new

@ Doug

Shelves for your grill are available if you call Holland with your model number.