Topic Title: Why the open close valve?
Created on April 3, 2010 at 09:21 PM

SD Kid

Sorry for all the questions, I do not have my Apex yet. But when I was at the store wanted to see the burner area, So after removing the grilling grid, they could not lift off the draining pan because there is a open/close valve on the lower part of the drain pipe. After unscewing that valve it (dran pain) lifted off. Just wondering what the purpuse of that valve is and can I just leave it removed? Cannot see why you would want it turned off??


Close valve. Fill pan with water. steam food. What kind of dealer didn't understand that??


Sean beat me to it!

The valve is there so you can turn it off & fill the drip pan with water or other liquid. Thats how you can steam or cook at a lower temperature.
Seriously, Holland has been making grills for 25 years. They are different than other grills. Quit trying to second guess them.
Do yourself a favor. Go to "Customer support" & download the Apex owners manual. Read it while you are waiting to get your grill. You will enjoy it more if you understand how it works & why they are made the way they are.


Next question will be "why does it take 25 mins to cook this item on the Holland when my flamethrower grill only took 3 mins per side" or "I'm looking for that crunchy chargrilled (burnt) steak flavor"


Beat up on the dealer,ok? This guy doesn't have a grill yet so help him out without all the know it all snarkiness. I hate that on blogs.


He sure does have a grill. He also has an understanding of the drain valve.

SD Kid

Thanks Christopher, I did feel a little slighted, but I did let it pass. I am a moderator on another great forum, and I would have deleted the comment. The reason for the question was thinking of quick removal of the drain pan and not have to unscrew that open and close valve each time. But then I was told buy the people that I bought the apex from that I needed it because that is where the grease pail hangs from. I do see a hook there but my grill has a has another bar coming down that you can also hook the pail to. So it works out great because I have a indoor steamer so I do not need out door steaming. I'm glad you caught that you are sharp!


There are too many overly sensitive people on blogs. I hate that. Too bad I'm not a moderator.


Thanks for "letting it pass". Enjoy your Holland and don't let the naysayers deter you.