Topic Title: For Sale
Created on April 17, 2010 at 10:59 PM


Holland Grill serial number 261223 in very good condition. [IMG][/IMG]
By [URL=]null[/URL], shot with [URL=]FinePix S5700 S700[/URL] at 2010-04-17 Looks like a Heritage Plus but may be a slightly older model. Paint is still good. Shelves on sides are white plastic. Expanded metal grill inside is very stright with a slight patina from grilling but still shiny in the middle. Includes a worn cover. Gas bottle NOT included.
$300 in Booker, Texas
I am moving soon and would prefer to sell but if not, I will move the grill.
E-mail me at rotary911porsche@yahoo dot com


Okay so the link didn't work. Try:


That serial number would indicate an old Classic model. Discontinued about 12/13 years ago.


If it is that old it is in fantastic condition. When I got it, it did not work. Just needed a new regulator. So I'm guessing it sat in the garage for many a year.