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Created on March 14, 2008 at 11:01 AM


I've had my grill for a few years and like it a lot.However, I have never had a successful experience with the chip drawer, in that the chips never burn/smoke. I use the small chipped stuff. I know how to adjust the flame and I keep things clean. I just don't think the placement in Tradition BH421SG-4 was a good idea. Nevertheless, I'd buy another and found this site looking for a replacement drip pan. Great product !


I sold and did demo's on these grills for 5 years. I own the Tradition myself, if you go to your local dealer, you should be able to buy a chip tray for the heritage. They cost around $2, I have one and place it in the left, rear corner for maximum smoke. Also, be sure to put the chips in as soon as you start to grill, they may take a while to start smoking. For maximum smoke flavor I sometimes use up to three of these trays at a time.

Larry Atkins

This is for Nick. I just bought the Companion and I am unable to find anything about where to place chips or how to smoke on this one. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks. Have not used it yet just reading and getting a little education first.


This may be a long shot but I did find this same problem on my dad's Tradition. Upon inspection I found the Flame Deflector Plate was in backwards. This is the heavy plate just above the burner. One side of the plate bends downward at a 90 degree angle and that side should be at the back of the grill. Ours was to the front and because of this our chips would not smoke and the grill took longer to heat up. I hope this helps.


Smoking on the Companion is the same as smoking on the tradition grill. I purchased 3 smoke trays (about $2.00 a piece) and I placed two in the back two corners of the grill and one in the front. I wet my wood chips before putting the chips in the trays - can't get any better.


Just purchased my first Holland a few days ago (last years Legacy model). Grilled a chicken and sweet potatos last night and they were awesome!! However, the Holland Mesquite pellets that I put in the front drawer NEVER DID SMOKE. My flame and tempature are perfect. Total cooking time for the 5 1/2 lb.chicken was 2 hrs. 20 min., plenty of time for the pellets to smoke...but nothing. Any sugestions for this Holland newbie?


The Flav-o buds need to get over 400 degrees for a few minutes before they will light up & start smoking.
On my SS grill I put the buds in before I light the grill so they go through the total preheat & I do not open the lid or put food in until I see smoke coming out of the chimneys.
My grill preheats to about 425/430 degrees in normal weather, so make sure your grill is adjusted properly so it gets over 400 degrees or the buds will not smoke. You can also add an aluminum tray or 2 of buds in the back corners of the drip pan where it gets a little hotter.


My grill is working perfectly. I put the mesquite flavor buds in the tray before I turned it on and pre heated to 450 degrees before I put a turkey tenderloin on. Cooked for about 40 minutes and STILL NO SMOKE. I used 1/3 cup of flav-o-buds as the directions say. I love the grill. The food is wonderful. But will not smoke! Could it be a bad bag? Should I crush them before puting them in the front drawer? I have a new LEGASY LS model. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ChadF for you great input...but still no smoke.


If those are Holland buds & your grill is at 450, there is no reason for them not to smoke. Try an aluminum foil tray in the back left corner of the drip pan. It should be a bit hotter back there. If they still won't smoke, call Holland. I suppose it is possible to have a bad batch.
Are you waiting for the buds to smoke before you put the food on? Also, you need enough of the buds smoking to creat some ash in the drawer before you put food on. They actually need to be smoldering to stay lit when the temperature drops during cooking.
Hope this helps.

the demonstrator

This has been a problem with the Holland Grills since they introduced the chip drawer. On the new models, the chip drawer location has been changed...they moved it over and down so that it picks up the flame easier. this should rectify the problem. For those of you who are having problems with the older model grills, the little chip tray to place inside the grill will work fine.

Brian A

I bought the Tradition from the dealer on a close out special last December. I got it going for the first time today. I had soaked some hickory chips, then placed them in that little chip drawer. Like many of you, I found the drawer disappointing - the chips never smoked!
I did however have a cast iron chip holder on the tray as well. That got some hickory flavor into the chicken. Has anybody tried NOT soaking the wood chips first? Could that be a possible help to get smoke into the grill?
Meanwhile, I think I'll have to find those little trays. The cast iron one I bought is appears too big for the grill.

Tim from Madison WI

I have a Holland Companion. I was able to purchase bags of wood chips (about one pound/bag) in assorted flavors at Gander Mountain. These "chips" are actually wood shavings and work just great. I wrap them in foil, poke a few holes in the pack, and place them on the back side of the drip pan. They start smoking at about 375* I don't believe you have to soak any wood before use.