Topic Title: Side Burner ???
Created on April 24, 2010 at 04:32 PM


Looking to buy my first Holland Grill. I went to a local dealer today. I am interested in a Herotage Plus but my move up to the Epic or the Apex. I see recipes listed for grills with side burners but do not see grills with side burners. Am I missing something? Is there a add on accessory somewhere on the website for a side burner? Thanks for any input on the side burner and preference of the grill I should go with.


The side burner has, unfortunately, been discontinued. I too would love to have one as it is a very versatile addition to the Holland. I had one on my last Holland and was completely satisfied with it. I Will NOT pay $300 to replace it.


I was referring to the $300 Searmate. I know the searmate was not meant to be a replacement for the side burner.


I checked with Holland recently about the side-burner. It is temporarily discontinued, but is being redesigned. It should be back out by late summer.


Larry & Steve Thanks for the input. I really want a side burner. I guess I will have to wait. I did see the searmate but I knew that would not fill my need. I actually live less than 100 yards away from another popular grill company here in NC (the holland is also made in NC) but I am almost sure I am going with a Holland. The fit and finish of the Hollands are great for the money. I just really would like that side burner option.


There is a side burner on right now. It is $80.00. Just an FYI.

the demonstrator

I saw where folks were looking for side burners and I have some dealers that do have them in stock. I know of 7 of these available. You can e-mail me at for further information.


Will the side burner on EBay work with an Apex that already has the SearMate attached? Could the side burner be attached where the side shelf is naow attached and can gas connections for the side burner and the SearMate both be attached at the same time?

@ Jeff

Yes, yes & yes.
The side burner is designed to replace the left shelf & the SearMate the right.


I want to use the Apex model in an island but would like
to be able to shear as well as heat a cast iron pan to
fry fish in on a separate burner that could be installed in the island. Can and would the shear burner
do this and can it be mounted in a island? The Apex model uses a SS trim mounting kit but I saw nothing for any aux burners? Thanks


Can any type of pots be used on the ShearMate? Like frying fish?

@ David

The SearMate, as it is called is for searing of steaks, etc. It gets very hot, 600/900 degrees. Not a good idea to try to use it like a side-burner.

I know Holland has been working a long time on a new version of the Side Burner, but I don't know when it is coming out. Keep an eye on the "Accessories" page on the web-site. It will show up there when it is out. It will mount on the left side opposite the SearMate.

Bill in Texas

I salvaged the side burner off my first Holland Grill and had every intention to install it on my Legacy I bought as a replacement. My Legacy runs off natural gas so I would have to modify it, and still may someday.


I have a new BHA3008 side burner for sale. New in the box. I would take $80.00 for it. You pay the shipping and send cash only. Steve


Remember several years ago Holland discontinued the side burner and was being redesigned. I think what happened that it interfered with the Searmate sales and will never be produced because of that. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to make one !!!!!!!!


Steve do you still have the side burner for sale?