Topic Title: OMG...Help Me!
Created on March 17, 2008 at 08:35 PM


I have owned a Phoenix Brand grill for the last 10 years. Just found out Phoenix went belly up. They utilized similar concept as Holland…..drip pan, durable, universal cooking styles (grill, smoke, and bake). If you are familiar with a Phoenix do you consider the Holland comparable?

Some guys have sports cars or fast boats…..I have my grill so this is a big step for me. HELP!


I've had my holland for 17 years. that should tell you how well it's far as cooking results the best thing I can tell you is to look on the cook out calender find one near you ,go and judge for yourself.


Just keep in mind that Holland was the original & Phoenix was the clone copy. Go with the original & don't look back.


No Kidding! I also had/have a Phoenix grill. Knew it was a Holland knock off when I bought it, but what a grill. Yep, out of business. So, I just purchased a Holland Tradition grill. Like it, but having a very hard time getting it hot enough, or at least to the point where I can cook a chicken in under 2 hours. 2 hours of cooking doesn't fit in my schedule.

I've read where you can disconnect the gas line, then reconnect. Will try that.

Carl B.

Phoenix is a knock off of the Holland Grill - dump the Phoenix and buy a Holland. We've had our Holland for 12 years now and cook on it at least 4 times a week. Still working like it did on day one.


The Phoenix company made Holland Grills for years. Phoenix tried it on their own and went belly up....


The fabricating company in question made "parts" for Holland grills quite a few years ago. They eventually were was fired by Holland for reasons I will not disclose.
They used the tooling they had built for fabricating Holland parts to eventually produce Phoenix grills. They also stepped all over Holland's patents in doing so.


Hi. We are about to purchase our first Holland Grill. A friend of ours has had one for about 8 years and cooks on it 350 days a year. We live in Canada where -30F temps in the winter are common. He cooked a turkey for us on his grill in February. That was enough to sell me on this product.