Topic Title: Thermo/Timer alarm
Created on May 5, 2010 at 07:40 PM


I just purchased the wireless thermometer/timer. It looks great. However I cannot get the alarm to go off. I set it for one minute just to get an idea of the loudness of it. When it counted down to 00, nothing happened other than it continued to count up.
What am I doing wrong?


Hey Bob,
It's a really high pitched beep which is hard to hear if you have tinnitus or ringing in your ears. I can't hear it but my wife can.

SD Kid

Oh no!! I have a bad case of tinitis from the military, and I bought one of those wireless, Have not tried it yet but thanks for letting me know! I cannot hear the coffee pot beeper go off but my wife can. I have learned to adjust but its a real pain when I want to listen to some good music, must keep it low!


You guys are lucky! I can hear my timer and coffee pot. I just can't hear my wife. She says it's selective listening... Yeah! :)