Topic Title: Corn on the cobb
Created on March 18, 2008 at 08:36 PM


Well hello everyone! I am new to your world. Just bought my Heritage on Sunday and haven't had the cahnce to cook on it yet. Seasoned it though, first thing. What I haven't seen discussed is cooking corn on the cobb. Being from Minnesota this is a tradition with back yard BBQ's and I would like to impress the wife on my first attempt. Any suggestions?


soak in water for 15 min, in husk. grill for 15-20 min/side - then husk


My favorite way is to brush with butter seasoned with the Carolina seasoning then wrap in foil. I use the additional rack so I can put the corn on while I cook whatever else I have on the grill. Yum!!


I soak mine, also. I cook the corn first, then cook whatever meat I am having, piling corn together without husking to hold in the heat. Outstanding, as always.


Hi all. Being from Minnesota also I cook corn on the cob regularly on my Holland. I usually clean the corn, coat with butter, salt, and garlic. I then wrap in tin foil, cook for 30-40 minutes while turning a couple of times. As long as you turn it, it should not get over done.