Topic Title: Where built?
Created on May 8, 2010 at 11:16 PM


I have a new Holland companion. I know the company is US based. Are all the Holland Grills manufactured in the US using US parts or are they manufactured/sourced overseas?

@ JR

Factory is in Georgia, USA. Sheet metal in one door, grills out the other.

Roger T

Holland grills are more American made than your Chevy or Ford!


Or Kia or Toyota


Cool. That makes me VERY happy. I am willing to pay a premium for USA made.


Share your affinity towards products built in the US....Might be a slight premium up front, but the quality far exceeds what you can purchase at the China Factory walmart.

Bought a Homelite blower last year, didn't make it through one summer. Deciphering the service warranty requirements on their website is like trying to learn Manderin (sp?) Bought a new Echo built in the USA, and it performs great....even after my teenage son ran it over with the car!!! Try that with a cheap blower!!!

Hope to buy the new US built Holland Grill before the week's out.......the quality is defineitely apparent