Topic Title: Legacy Base
Created on May 10, 2010 at 06:06 PM

Chuck Smith

Does anyone have a junked out Legacy grill that has been either damaged or whatever. I have a Legacy that I just got on deal that was post mounted in a yard and very seldom used. I want to put it on a movable base and was hoping that somebody had a used base assy for one. you can email me at Thanks Chuck

@ chuck

Why don't you go to the Parts section & buy what you need. Legacy grills were stainless. You won't find many of them junked. Look under the Legacy LS model, Cart components.

If it has the black 4x6 post, the "Patio cart kit", part no BHA3017 should fit that post & would be cheaper. Look in Grill accessories for that.

Grillin Doug

I am replacing a Legacy this month that is in good condition including the original roll about base.