Topic Title: Traditional Burgers hot dogs & Steaks?
Created on May 17, 2010 at 03:59 PM


In the market for a new grill, and discovered Holland on the internet. I love the versatility it offers with grilling, baking, steaming etc. However, we grill steaks and burgers frequently....sometimes for 6-8 people at a time.

Any thoughts on:

Grilling burgers/steaks on the do they turn out....any sear marks?

How well does the sear mate operate? It appears to do a good job, but also appears to be limited to about 2 steaks at a time. Do folks normally just sear for a short time and then place on the grill for the remainder

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I do steaks burgers hot dogs brats smoked saugage ect. as well as brisket, boston butts 2-4 at a time turkeys hams even frozen pizzas you name it when it comes to my holland my opinion is if you can cook it on top of the stove or in the oven the Holland grill can cook it better..
my holland gets used 5-6 times a week year round down here in South Carolina... Heck I can not tell you the last time my indoor stove was used since I got my holland... get a Holland you will love it and when you figure out all the uses for it you will love it even more



Poster from above for got to tell you I don't own a searmate

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

I just bought my last grill. I WAS buying a S-420 Genesis by Weber. I cooked on the big NEW Weber last month and last night cooked on "Ricks" new Epic. I am a self proclaimed Italian Chef/Grill Man. (Emphasis on the self proclaimed) any way After cooking thighs last night, without turning which i could not believe the Chix was wonderful, colorful, flavorful and moist inside.

I loved the Holland so much i ordered a APEX this AM. Getting it delevered tomorrow. I spent 8 months researching the internet and friends trying to pick the right grill, course it didnt help that I could not go out like regular Joe and buy a grill on the spot. I am replacing a Ducane.

Anyway I could not believe that I would like this grill, but cook on it one time and you will see. Dont wasted all the time that i did, just go buy it. Also talked to Donald today at Holland, they are awesome to deal with and a great help. Also which is nice is the versatility. Cant wait to use the smoker box. I will post about this in a later post, I got a great money saver tip regarding the pellets.

I also stood beside the Searer and watched Rick Sear a steak. Yes only room for 2 steaks. Only need t use the searer only, dont need to go from the searer to grill. I will have one of these as soon as my wife recuperates from the Apex $$. She did say however how glad she is that I am not on the net everynight looking at Grills.

Wife dont know I will be searching for a wireless thermometer now. That should only take 2 months of research. Dont forget you need the CORRECT orfice for the Searer also. Rick had a problem that he posted earlier and found out the Searer Orfice needed changed.

Good Luck

PS. Thanks DONALD at Holland, you are a true gentleman and gave expert advise today. Holland Customer Service is A PLUS.