Topic Title: Wood Flavors for Smoke Box Info.
Created on May 18, 2010 at 01:19 AM

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Cant wait to try this stuff out. New APEX arriving tomorrow. Dam no gas line until the weekend, What will I do. Found this on the Web
Here's some short tips about some of the woods used to smoke meat.

1. Alder's natural sweetness is especially suited with pork.

2. Apple's natural sweetness is good for any type of meat. It's great in combination with other woods.

3. Cherry is especially good with beef and pork. It has a tendency to turn meat a rich mahogany color. It's best to balance Cherry wood with Hickory, Alder, Oak or Pecan.

4. Hickory is the all-time favorite of many Midwest and southern state barbecue cooking teams. Too much hickory smoke can turn meat bitter.

5. Maple is quite similar to Alder wood. Maple is sweet and also darkens the color of meat. Balance it with Alder, Apple or Oak. Sugar Maple wood is the sweetest.

6. Some say to use only Honey Mesquite wood. The Wesatch variety of Mesquite "pops" embers. Mesquite is oily in nature, so it burns hot and fast.

7. Oak. Red Oak is the best variety for smoking.

8. Pear, Peach and Plum. These woods require a certain level of expertise in their use. Peach and Plum woods tend to lose their flavor shortly after being cut. For the best results, make sure you the fruit bearing kind of Plum.

9. Pecan is a member of the hickory family, and becoming more popular for smoking. This is a pungent wood, which should be used sparingly.

10. Dogwood is quite similar to Oak in its smoke flavor.

11. Grapevine cuttings add a nice flavor to fish, poultry and beef. You could achieve the same effect by soaking wood chips in an inexpensive wine before throwing the wood on the coals.

12. Herb woods, such as Basil, Thyme and Rosemary are usually used in combination with other woods. A good combination would be Alder with Basil, and Maple with Rosemary


Will Traeger smoke pellets work ?


Gary, Traeger's pellets will work. I have a Holland and a Traeger grill. Of course it's personnal taste, but I've found that mixing hickory and apple seem to compliment eachother with any kind of meat.


Wow, can't believe it: Item #12: I knew a guy named Herb Woods. He had three daughters and their names were, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary. Basil married Ronald Alder, Tom Maple married Rosemary, and Thyme never married. As far as any Woods combinations, sounds kinda kinky and I'm not going there.

John R.

In my Patriot, I use a lot of hickory for all meats. Even hotdogs get a smoke flavor to them. For the cheese that I have been smoking the hickory was just not right. I then bought some apple and it is just right.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Yep thats what were using Trager Pellets. I got Cherry, going to get Alder or Hickory next. Hey Phil thats some funny stuff. By the way i copied and pasted that wood stuff below, I am not a wood expert like my neighbor Rick. LOL. Get your butt home Rick so we can Grill Friday night. Haa the wives are just jealous of all our Grilling and Holland Talk.


I've used alder for both chicken and fish, and the results were amazing!