Topic Title: Original Copy of Premier Warranty
Created on May 22, 2010 at 04:00 PM


Just wanted to see if anyone has a copy of the Premier (BH421-SS-1) warranty. When I purchased this grill about 15 years ago the dealer at the local ACE Hardware sold it to me with the Lifetime Warrant sales pitch. That is the reason I paid a grand for it. Fifteen years ago a grand was an astronomical amount of cash to invest into a grill. But he stated it was the last grill I would ever have to buy. I was having to replace the aluminum grills every two years due to warping and the extreme amount of grilling we do.
I am looking for mine (we have moved since we bought it) as I send this out. I am almost sure that it states the lifetime of the original owner in it.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

@ Andy

Go to "Parts" >BH421SS-1 Premier >Complete warranty info. You can print out the original warranty card. Sorry, the warranty on that model was 10 years except for the burner & cooking grid.