Topic Title: grill getting hot
Created on March 20, 2008 at 08:42 PM


put a bigger regulator on the grill it is so much better my grill heats up too 400 in about 4 mins i love it


You are a disaster waiting to happen. After you melt your grill to the ground, good luck on your warranty.


hmm i dont beliver i will be melting my grill you can contol the heat better with a bigger regulator. i like to cook around 350 to 400 it took long for the grill to get back up to temp. but thanks for your concern


Scott, did you get a bigger regulator from a Holland dealor or just one you found. I'm at my wits end and I'll try anything. I've had my Holland for 7 months and it's never gotten past 350 degrees, and it takes a half hour to get there!


clint i got it from a gas company and i love it. a friend mine did is the same way he has been doing for about 3 years and thats were i found out about it. It is very simple it takes about 5 mins to do. cost wise not bad about 50 dollars but it is well worth it.

Terry (Illinois)

Hi Scott, Sorry to hear about your temp problems and it seems you found a remedy. I have also heard of a dealer that helps their customers by drilling out the orifice to the next size.
I have not had much problem except for wind and cold, but I would caution you not to get the grill too hot. Holland designed the grill to cook at one desired temperature so it won't go over the flash point, when fires occur. Our drip pans are not really designed to get over 475 degrees and with all the goodies that drop in there, well it would make a nice little fire.
Keep it clean and I'm sure you probably won't have any problems. Enjoy the lower temp setting for pork butts!


terry, i have also heard of drilling out the orifice. But i couldnt get anyone too do it. I was scared to do it and mess it up. The bigger regulator i can cook at 200 or 300 400 i can contol it alot better.

Mark Seifried Dealer Naples, FL

If you have a question about the heat of your grill ask your dealer or Holland at 800-880-9766. Their customer service is excellent. I've been a dealer/user for five years. My grills cook at about 425 degrees. My wife and I love the grill. We wow our dinner guests with our tasty food. My one Greek friend says the roasting post chicken is the best he's ever had.