Topic Title: need parts?
Created on May 24, 2010 at 10:46 PM


HI everyone had to put my Classic to rest :( (had it since 1993) got a new Heritage so with that said, wanted to know if anyone needs a good stand yet for s Classic since the grill bottom is rusted out just e-mail me


i need the igniter i have lost the cap that holds the spring inthis is behind black ignitor knob

@ Fran

Classic models did not have igniter systems.


Hey Fran--you can call Holland at 800-880-9766 and they can get you the igniter. You will need your model number and serial number. I just replaced my igniter and called them. I actually ended up buying the whole igniter kit in case I needed parts later. It was cheaper.


You can order the igniter kit on this web-site in the "Grill accessories" section.