Topic Title: Which model should I get?
Created on May 28, 2010 at 04:52 PM


I'm in the market for a new bbq and discovered the Holland. My first bbq galore model lasted 6years. I replaced it with what I thought would be an ok stainless bbq and have spent two years hating it. The burners are shot and I'm not spending one dime fixing it

The Holland looks perfect for the type of bbq'ng I do. We love tri-tip and have it at least 3 times a month. I have always heated the grill, seared both sides, turn off the center burners and then indirect cook for an additional 30 or so min depending on the size. My friends love my tri-tip and it’s the technique that’s the secret. Holland is an indirect bbq. I'm SOLD!
My dilemma is which Holland..I have a bbq island I built.The Apex is good looking, uses less gas and the has best warranty.

The Epic and Heritage look the same minus the smoke box (which I’ve read does not work anyway). And I can remove either from their cart and mount it in my island.

So if there are no other differences in construction between the Epic and Heritage. My thought is the Heritage and side sear burner are the same cost as just the Apex.

So do I pick…shiny & long warranty or versatility?
Is the Heritage the same quality as the Epic? What are the differences?

Thanks for your help!!


looks like you did your home work all Holland grills are great If I ever replace my holland with a new model for home I would go with the apex But seeing My reunion is over 22 years young and going strong with proper care any that you decide to get will serve you for many years.. Date of manufacture on my holland is 04 88 and you can see it in the show us your holland section of the blog



The Heritage has a different lid handle,and doesn't have a smoke draw or a 2 inch temperature gauge in the lid. The temperature guage can be purchased thru Holland for $15. Both the Hertige and Epec tops are identical except for these three items. I beleave you should purchase a Sear Mate insted of a Side Burner if you intend on searing.

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Derrick, The only model made to drop into an island is the Apex (Body only). You also need the trim kit that the grill sits in. You should never have to replace this grill and once placed into this island you should have a grill for life. It's never easy to find a replacement grill to fit the opening in an island when one goes bad.


I was contemplating my decision Sunday. It's hard to make the decision to purchase a non-traditional grill. So I went to Lowe's and looked at the new Jen-Air bbq. It took 5 seconds to confirm my original decision to get the Holland. What a piece... The Jen-Air now has the same thin stainless tube burners all Chinese bbq's have. No more cast stainless burners. It’s now doubt made by Nextgrill now. So I came home and ordered the Apex. The 15year warranty of the Apex won me over. I will have to modify my island and make my own trim kit. But overall I am very excited and looking forward to cooking a Tri-tip on the Holland!! I'll post some pics when done..