Topic Title: Companion Electric
Created on May 31, 2010 at 02:32 AM


Just wanted to let everyone know I bought one of the Companion Electric grills recently and so far I am impressed with it. I had a Heritage model for about 13 years, but after being out in the weather, it finally rusted through on the bottom. It was a great grill and never once let me down. I was going to buy the replacement part but with gas prices now days, electric was more feasible for me. So far the Companion has done an equally good job. I am still learning it and trying to hit the "sweet spot", but that probably won't take long. My wife and I normally cook out at least half a dozen times a week during the summer.

I have tried to convince several people to buy Holland and I always get the same response - too expensive. These are the people who will buy a $100 or so disposable grill from mal-wart every year. They can't comprehend that after a few years the Holland will be much cheaper. Oh well, at least I try, and occasionally succeed. The people that do buy Holland on my recommendation all say they are glad they made the leap.

Holland makes the best grills out there and they are cheap to own considering the number of years they last. I could go on....


Russell, what temp setting do you cook on with the Companion? Doesn't it have three? I am thinking about getting one of these for the RV...need a smaller one...small RV. Thanks,




I like you also travel a bit in a M/H. I too was thinking of the electric companion. The two things holding me back are:

Knowledge on the durability of the cooking element. I would not think the electric variant would hold up as well moving around in one of the bays.

Additionally lots of parks have pretty inconsistent power to the poles. Especially the ones that pack you in like sardines. I try not to frequent those but occaisionally enroute to a destination I have to make do with whats available. Hate like heck to keep tripping a GFI recpticle etc to cook a meal. Your fridge maybe on the same GFI unless your rig was made in Canada.

So bottom line I guess is that I'm leaning towards the gas variant to replace my current Woodflame Delecto Grill which is pretty neat but not very versatile.



I have a gas companion & take it camping. I ran across a park this spring that I would have had problems with an electric as they only had 15 amp in some areas



Thanks for your input. I'm still leaning towards the gas version also.