Topic Title: Tradition discontinued? Close comparable?
Created on June 1, 2010 at 07:49 PM

Joe Bergmann

Was looking to buy the Holland Tradition that my Dad has, but seems as thought it might have been discontinued. Anyone know what the most comparable model current model is?

@ Joe

Epic, closest to the Tradtion LS.


That Heritage looks like it...and I bet it cooks the same


Hey Joe,
I have been trying to decipher the model numbers to see what that tells us. The first 5 are pretty simple, BH-421 is probably Brad Holland, April 21st.
Is SG Steel? SS-Stainless Steel? AG-Aluminum? EC- Electric?
I have not figured the cooking area and BTUs. I am looking to replace or find a bottom shell for a 15 year old Classic SG-2 that was cooked on at least several times a week year round.