Topic Title: Island Units
Created on June 2, 2010 at 04:39 PM


Does anyone have/like the island units. Will the Legacy fit in the island units?

@ Janace

You need to be asking Holland these questions. A very nice & knowledgeable lady named Becky helped me with island questions. I recommend you call her.


No, I have owned several Holland grills in the past, I liked them all but this Islang unit we hate. it has vent holes at the back of the grill that are open. when it raines it poors in, overflowing the greese bucket making a huge mess every time it rains. stay away from the island units.


Our Apex island grill is beautiful. We love the way it looks & cooks.
If you make this investment, I'm sure you are logical enough to use a grill cover.
Lots of short covers available online.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Hey Art,
Which SHORT cover are you talking about?? I am looking for a Short Cover for my Apex that is under a covered deck, how ever it is at the end of the deck, so once in awhile i will get some weather on it. I only need a short cover to cover top partm but not sure which cover you are talking about. I know that Holland does not sell a short cover or you talking about for one of the Built In Grills Apex and i would use that on my Regular Apex.


My grill is built in to an island. the water comes in at the back where the trim kit is. The trim kit has large holes that face up so rain just goes right in.I have looked at several covers, they all cover the grill great, but that wide trim at the back is still exsposed to rain. Holland is the only company that I have seen whom has this (mistake) looks like they would come up with a better design.When I called for help they said I would have to live with it ......they were there to let heat out.


google >built-in grill covers >the-cover-store >built-in grill covers >pick your size.

You can also get covers that cover the whole island including the grill if you prefer.