Topic Title: Temperature help
Created on June 17, 2010 at 06:20 AM


I acquired a ClassicII from my father in law. He did not like the Holland due to the fact it would not "flame up". The grill sat for several years in his shop. I took it and got it cleaned up real well. I'm really excited to start doing some cooking on this grill. The only thing that I noticed when I cooked a pork loin was that the temperarure at the cooking surface was at app. 500 degrees. What I've read on other posts was that the temperature was to be around 400 degrees. Is this a characteristic of this model grill or do I need to do something else. Amy help would be greatly appreciated.

SD Kid

Thats way too high, it could be the flame is set too high, look at the flame, and if it is all blue, it has to be adjusted so you see a little orange or yellow tips. Actually I am new to the Holland, wait and see what some of the veterans have to say or call Holland, they are very helpful!



I have a Classic bit different than a Classic II however I put my Holland in storage once during my time in the Navy with zero use after three years. Had my house hold goods delivered too include the grill and had much the same problem as you describe.

I played with the burner for a while with no glory then said let me order a new regulator. The new regulator solved the problem.

Bottom line don't give up you will eventually get it to come around.