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Created on June 24, 2010 at 07:17 PM


How long did you cook your brisket I did mine total of about 9 hours and it was MELT literally in your mouth awsome 4 hours slow cooked water in pan 3 hours in foil 2 cups of apple juice temp just over 205 and 2 hours in a cooler NO ICE wrapped in a towel trust me you cook your brisket this way you will NOT be disappointed been doing mine this way for over 5 years and have had compliments from even competative grillers and want to know how I do them

Please try it this way and let me know

Grill pro

I Cooked mine 4 hrs without water. I will try the water next time.


Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

OK Kev,
I will try it. My brisket did not turn out that well that day. I am all about using other liquids instead of water. I like the Apple Juice, going to try Pineapple soon. THanks


how did u keep temp at 205 when wrapped in foil? and 2 hrs in cooler?????was it hot after that amount of time or did u reheat?? dont understand how 205 for 2 hrs and wrapped for 2 would still be hot thanks howard


Yes it is still hot after that amount of time in the cooler. Would remain hot for probably 6 hours wrapped well in a good cooler. You can't eat it at 205 degrees anyway. Try it.


Kevin, Steve

I use the cooler trick also. Do both of you run hot water into the cooler and then dump it prior to adding the guest of honor into it?.

I normally use this when doing office parties with boston butts. I wrap with aluminum foil, then newspaper followed by a towel. Dump the hotwater out of the cooler place my guest of honor in the cooler. Normally arrrive at work at 0530 and start pulling at 1100 ish and the butts are still hot and much more fat has rendered.



No never tried the hot water got a commercial grade syrafoam cooler about 2.5 inches thick and stays hot even after 2 hours you can not pickup by hand so BECAREFUL


How about using a period every now and then?


How big was the brisket?


Hey Kevin, How do you keep your Holland at 205 degrees?

Thanks in advance.


@mogarth not keeping the grill @ 205 cooking the meat to internal temp of 205 then wrapping in heavy towel and putting into an empty cooler the meat will not stay at 205 but will be SUPER HOT when removed BECAREFUL slice and enjoy


seriously about the periods. i love cokking all types of food on my holland and love brisket, but haven't had great luck. His methods sound good but i'm a bit confused.