Topic Title: Charring A Steak
Created on June 29, 2010 at 01:39 PM

Tom N

I love the Holland grill. It's the most versitile grill I've found; however, how you get a nice char on asteak? When cooking beef steaks, I like a good char and grill marks like a steakhouse steak.

It would be awesome if Holland could add an infra red side burner to quickly char a steak before cooking it completely on the main grill.

Any help with this? Thanks!

@ Tom

It's called a SEARMATE. up to 950 degrees. Look under "Grill accessories.

Tom N

Awesome. Thanks!! I must have looked right past it the first time.


Bought a sear mate for our great


A searmate sounds like the bomb, but can a steak be seared with out one!! I dont really have that knida of extra cash, for an accessory.. Anyone try putting the steak on the drip pan?? would i just ruin the steak?

Stafford P

A Holland is really not made for searing but there are a few tricks to getting your steaks well browned.
Preheat the grill to it's max temp then add 5/10 additional minutes for the parts on the inside of the grill to soak-up the heat.
Have your steaks out of the fridge & seasoned before you light the grill. Gives them time to warm up a bit.
When ready, take the steaks out to the grill. Grab 1 steak with tongs, lift the lid just far enough to put it in & drop the lid. Repeat with other steaks. Don't let the heat escape by opening the lid all the way.

Arthur M

2x above. Please do not put the meat on the drip pan. It won't help & it's not appetizing.