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Created on July 3, 2010 at 01:20 PM


I'm in the market for a new grill and need some advice. I read great things about the Holland as well as the Phoenix which is now Buck stove grill. I read that the buck grill has a temperature setting where as a holland does not. From my research they claim that the buck grill is a better grill for steaks.I also read that holland has a sideburner called a searmate that you have to purchase separately which is about $200. They both sound good. I'm just looking for something that is durable and can grill many items for the best possible price.
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I like to cook chicken, ribs, roasts, burgers...and the New Holland is the way to go...does a great job on veg's too. If you want to cook a steak and must have that charcoal taste...this may not be the grill for you. New Holland does offer a charcoal grill if you are interested in that. But if my New Holland grill was stolen this morning...I would have a replacement fired up by dinner.
The ability to fill the pan under the grill and steam crab legs is another whole world that we enjoy very much. We use a New Holland temp gauge gor the meat and it does a great job! Hope this helps!


I had the same concern, (see post from bill on this blog about traditional burgers and steaks)but bought the Holland anyway. We were not disappointed. The variety of cooking options is what sold us, and we have adventured well beyond the traditional burgers and steaks. We have smoked a brisket, steamed seafood, done a couple of pork shoulder roasts made breakfast, etc. True, you will not get a seared steak on a holland, and for that reason we also bought he sear mate accesory, which we enjoy much. But honestly, we limit the searing to steaks,and do everything else with the regular grill. My kids rave about the burgers saying they are the juiciest they have ever tasted.