Topic Title: Built-in compatible?
Created on July 9, 2010 at 02:22 AM


I'm looking at purchasing an EPIC model, but would like to know if it can be built in? I see that the pre-made island units are for the APEX only, but it looks like the EPIC has the same grill body, only in steel, not stainless. I will probably build my own island, and not go for the pre-built product anyway, but really would like to know if there is some reason why the EPIC can't or shouldn't be built in!?!

@ Jed

The Epic is the same dimensionally as the Apex. The bottom is aluminum, not steel. My neighbor put the Epic body in an island using the Holland trim kit.
He then fabricated a nice butcher-block counter top for the cabinet, which he rolls around as a serving table.


Cool - Thanks for the quick reply!! I ended up springing the extra cash for the APEX anyway!

Can't wait to assemble and fire this puppy up for some great weekend bbq!