Topic Title: External Grill Cleaning
Created on July 12, 2010 at 10:18 PM


I have a Holland Apex, the best grill ever! Through normal use marinades etc., have leaked onto the external surface of the grill. I have tried the normal kitchen cleaners, even when hot, after grilling I cannot remove those brown stains. Does anyone have a suggestion to remove these marks?




Try LA's Awesome Cleaner and MR clean Magic Eraser pad.



A couple of cleaners I have used on all my grills to get grease, creosote buildup, small rust stains off stainless steel (yeah I know not suppose to rust), and any other gunk.

Bar Keepers Friend (BKF), dissolve a bit on a sponge and wipe your grill down. Has worked exceptionally well for me. Has not scratched or scored any of my grills by letting it dissolve on the sponge first.

WD-40, on external portions of your grills. Spray a bit on a rag, wipe it down and you will be amazed at how well it cleans. Really brings a shine to stainless steel. After cleaning I then spray a tad on windex on the grill and wipe off.

Lastly is one I have used on my RV and folks also use it on boats. Its called "The Reliable 1". Advertised as a black streak remover but has numerous applications. Works especially well on your stacks for any built up grease. Also breaks down creosote on my BGE daisy wheel and on the stacks of my southern yankee smoker.


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Dan,dawn makes a great product for stainless called dawn power dissolver. Just spray on when cool let sit for 30 minutes and take soapy water and wipe off.Rinse with hose and then lite grill to burn off any water.


Another great cleaner if it's available in your area is Justice Brother's Engine Cleaner. Most NAPA's will have these products. Spray it on and let set for fifteen minutes and hose it off, no scrubbing and looks good as new.