Topic Title: companion stand?
Created on March 24, 2008 at 06:58 PM


our apartment requires electric and a permanent mount to deck--is there a stand or pedestal that anyone recommends?

Terry Illinois

Glenn, I understand your predicament and I'm not sure Holland has a solution. I would go to the hardware store and purchase a piece of stainless steel and from there use your imagination. Perhaps, fasten it to a small table and then put your grill on it. Good luck and enjoy your grill!


Camping World or sporting goods store should have a aluminum table to use. I bought one at Sportmans Guide that folds up into a carrying bag.


I just got a Companion and bought a folding table from Camping World on the web. It is a little too small to put the grill on top with the legs unfolded. I am now trying to figure out some sort of a fire/heat proof top to put on the table. It would only have to be slightly larger than the footprint of the grill. I will post on this if I get a good method. If anyone else has a suggestion please let us know.

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Copied from previous post. Hope this helps.
Many thanks. I found and bought a table this afternoon at Ace Hardware. Looks just like the table on the site you gave me. $13.99 plus tax. It should be perfect for the Companion.
My Googling skills must be deficient. I never asked Google for "small" aluminum table.

Thanks for your help with my stupid question.

Now on to the purchase of the Companion grill. I'm sure I'll be back on the blog with more less-than-brilliant questions. Be patient with me, please.


Hi, glad you found a suiteable table. If it is the same size as the Camping World (13 x 20 inches). How are you going to make the table big enough to hold a Companion with the lags unfolded?

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r.cleary, the folding aluminum table I bought at True Value Hardware is 19.5 inches x 19.7 inches x 25.4 high. It is barely big enough for a Companion grill with the legs unfolded. Not much wiggle room, but is big enough.

It is a True Value house brand called Living Accents. It was $13.99. Works fine.