Topic Title: high burner flame
Created on July 17, 2010 at 10:19 AM


My Holland is very old when lighted my burner flame is very high and yellow. It used to be much lower and blue. What's the problem here?


I don't own a Holland grill at this time but am considering. You might want to check the air input vents on the burner. Sounds like they/it might be plugged, hence insuffient air creating the yellow flame due to improper air/gas mixture. You may need to remove it for a thorough cleaning. Sometimes compressed air removes obstacles such as spider webs,rust,dirt, etc. Try blowing first in reverse.....air into flame ports.

Question: do you have trouble with food burning on grill such as a meatloaf? At a cooking demonstration that happened and I thought Holland was supposed to not do that.



If you have a shop vac use it after removing the front air vent screen behind the handle. Also check the gas valve oriface hole and clear it if needed (they screw off). Then after putting it all back together try again and adjust the air intake like the other poster mentioned. If all that fails call Holland they will be able to provide a workable solution.


Dan just did a meatloaf this weekend. Only need to cook 40 to 45 min

@ Chris

The basic problem is that you have a build-up of rust particles or spider webs on the inside of your burner. You are not getting a normal gas/air mixture. You probably are also getting black soot on your food.

Clean out the burner from the front of the grill, do not try to take it out of the grill. All the info you need is in the "Grill care tips" or "Trouble-shooting" sections of this web-site.