Topic Title: grill not hot enough
Created on March 25, 2008 at 07:39 PM

Melba Pollard

I purchased a Legacy Ls 7-25-06. It was converted to natural gas. The grill will only heat up to the green guage. It will not get hotter, thus, it takes so long to cook that I wind up using my oven.
The children insist there is somethingt that can be done to make the grill work better.

I have had the folks where I purchased it come look at it and have also had the gas company rep. come by. But no one can help me with the grill.

What else do you suggest?


Did you change the orifice in the gas valve to a natural gas orifice? Natural gas is lower pressure than LP, so it requires a larger orifice to heat the grill to the same temperature. Also, most NG appliances are designed to work on a specific gas pressure(7 inches of water column). Some areas of the country, especially more rural areas or areas of high population density may have lower gas pressure.
Call Holland if you need help.

Melba Pollard

Thanks for your reply. I have taken it down and will be sure to get the orfice checked.
Also, is there a number that I can use for Holland if I need further help?
No where in any of my papers is there a number and I cannot seem to find one on this program.
Thanks, so much.

Melba Pollard

I found your company phone Number. Thanks.