Topic Title: Grilling in wind
Created on August 26, 2010 at 12:01 AM


I am considering a purchase of the Companion grill. Has any one used this grill in wind? Any problems with flame out? Thanks.



I have one and have never had a problem. In fact I am looking at the new hook up hose for a full size propane tank. This can prolong the cooking on the companion.


Flame out is not an issue but getting it hot enough to cook can be. Don't expect the same cooking performance as the full size grill.


My LP Companion has no trouble preheating to around 450 as measured by the Holland thermometer I installed in the lid.
My full size Holland Premier II preheats to about 425 in the same conditions.
Both cook basically the same except the Companion heats up a bit faster because it is smaller.


I can't keep mine burning even in a slight breeze.


dont waste your money they wont stay lite in a little wind


They will stay lit, not sure about if they will stay lite LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


The Companion is one of the best cooking grills out there if it is set-up right & has a good regulator. Always test your regulator with a small 1 lb tank.
I found out that my aftermarket hose which I hooked to a 20 lb tank was not compatible with the Companion. After I got a Holland hose, everything fell into place. 400/450 everytime now.


This grill works find if you use a stainless steel foldable wind shield. It is impossible to keep lit on low without it. I also use a gas valve with a larger orifice for grilling steak.