Topic Title: Beck's Feild Days
Created on August 29, 2010 at 11:12 PM

Jackie Crosby

Hello, My husband acquired a Holland Grill at Beck's Feild Days located in Atlanta, IN. They informed him to go to this Blog and request 3 free cookbooks, and then the company would send them to us. Please ship to:

Tom Crosby
6590 E. Shelby Co.Rd. 1100 S.
Greensburg, IN 47240

Thank you so much; we are looking forward to using our beautiful new grill.

@ Jackie

The old original cookbooks are out of print & are no longer available. You can download & print the cookbook in the recipes section & you can request the 2009/2010 cookbooks in the blog section.


Jackie, I'm probably the one that talked to you and your husband. I believe I said to come to the blog section click on 2008,2009, and 2010 cookbook in the this section and give your e-mail address and we would download the cook books to you happy grilling