Topic Title: My grill is JUNK....
Created on September 30, 2010 at 03:46 AM


I have the companion model, it's the worst grill I have ever owned. I think the build quality is great, but it takes forever to cook anything. And there right about no flair ups becouse most the time I can't keep it burning. Last week at a campground I saw a guy using his and asked him how he liked it. He could not keep his burning either so he gutted his and now uses charcoal in it. Maybe I will do the same.

Bill B

Wow, then all of us thousands of Companion owners happily cooking away at 400 degrees are idiots, right?
Your Companion isn't heating right. Call Holland for trouble shooting help & get it fixed! You probably have a bad regulator.


i agree over priced junk go camping you cant cook on it want stay light JUNK JUNK

@ Larry

See above by Bill B. Call Holland & get it fixed.


Mine has been cookin away for6 + years. It even went underwater drink Hurricane Katrine. Cleaned it out and it cooks like a charm! Call Holland that'll get better results than a message board rant!


I agree. It is a great little grill. Slow cooks to perfection with wind screen. Ya just gotta learn to use it.


What kind of wind screen do you have?


I do not own the companion but the reunion mine is 23 plus years young and has noyhing but the gas line replaced 2 years ago cooks like a dream year round sun, cold, rain,wind ,What ever and when it snows here in SC works then too.. I agree witn everyone CALL HOLLAND Great people up there they will get you right


I have been using mine for 3 years. I take it camping & you do have to learn to use it. I had to get a new regulator because mine was going out but since I have had no problems. Patience is the key with these grills.

Mark Seifried

If you use your Companion a lot, I would suggest hooking it up to a normal size tank not the smaller tank. Your dealer's can stock the connecter hose.


Our companion cooks great but we have to keep the burners and the drip pan clean- if it has an inch of burned crud on the pan it will affect the heat- likewise if part of the burner is clogged or there is dirt in your gas line- if your grill is acting up take it to your holland dealer, he can usually help


I just had an old Companion in for service. It had been left outside & the regulator had a fair amount of moister in it. I took the orifice out & blew it out. Upon taking the flame deflector out I noticed the burner was cracked about 2" from the end opposite the regulator. It was not heating properly as a result of this.
This grill is appx. 10 yrs old. The customer was more than happy to buy a new burner & have it working again. Try that with a cheap import piece of scrap.
Hats off to Holland for making a quality American made product that is serviceable. It will go another 10 yrs.


One thing I have learned from reading the gripes about Holland grills is that they are from people who simply don't know how to cook on one. They are used to the cheap, disposable grills from "you know where" that scarcely last one season. These are the people that try to turn the heat up to 500 degrees and cook a steak in 5 minutes. This aint gonna happen with a Holland grill. With a Holland, be prepared to allow a steak to cook for at least 45 minutes. This will allow it to cook slowly and even, resulting in a very tender and juicy steak. I normally cook for 20 minutes on one side then another 20 or so on the other and it is ready to eat. Sometimes it takes a little longer depending on the thickness of the meat. Most people keep trying to open the grill and turn the meat every few minutes which kills the cooking process. If you are looking, you aint cooking. My advice to the gripers is to stop trying to force the grill to cook and just let it happen. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Tom Kirkman

Well said, however I'm still surprised at how quickly my Holland Apex cooks food. If I cooked a steak for 45 minutes it would be shoe leather. Longest I've ever cooked a 3/4 inch steak on the Apex is just 12 minutes,(6 minutes per side) and it was medium. This is at 420F.


I was introduced today to a holland grill. It works as specified... Which is against everything grilling should be. Grills should be very hot, an cook a steak 1" thick to perfection @6 and 4. If the steak is on the grill longer than that, you've bought the wrong grill. I regularly cook on gas and charcoal. I grill several times a year for parties up to 300. This grill, is by far the least effective one I have used... Get a crock pot if you want slow


Thanks Theo. What would we do without input from people like you?


I bought my Holland because it cooks the most tender, juciest food possible. Don't really care if it takes 14 minutes to grill a steak --- perfection and great taste are the object for me.


My holland is 12 years old and running great! If i want grill marks and a 10 minite steak i use a different grill. But, most of my cooking is on the Holland, just set it and forget it. Come back to perfectly cooked meats, chicken, turkey,ect... If you dont like Holland products thats fine, if you dont know how to cook thats fine, just dont bash a product thats top notch and made in the USA.


Hi. We've had our Apex for about 2 years now. Love it. Used it today in 30F temps and enjoyed our steaks. So what if it takes longer. It allows for more time to relax with a beverage while dinner is cooking!


If you want fast food, go to McDonalds.


Theo, sorry it's not what you want in a grill. I agree w/ Russell. If you want quick, seared steak, then it's not for you. But it will do A LOT more than a regular grill and the food will be much better. For the impatient grillers, stay away.


I've owned my Heritage for three years now, and it is still going strong. I've cooked roasts, turkeys, chicken, ribs, and have had great success. Chicken wings are killer on this grill. You need to adjust your times according to wind, temperature, etc., but the wait is worth it. I have not tried steaks yet, but am getting ready to grill marinated pork chops as we speak. Absolutely delicious. Yes, it does require a bit of patience to learn, but it is the best grill I've ever owned. You need to adjust your times according to wind, temperature, etc., but the wait is worth it.
As far as service goes, I had to have the deflector plate and the drip pan replaced after it was new. I called the company, and they replaced the parts quickly, with no hassle. No other grill company can match that. They stand behind their product. It's good to know that when you buy an expensive product like this, that the company will back it up, and that the grill will not be a pile of junk in 3 years, like some grills.
For those who are having problems with their grills, contact the company. I'm sure they will be happy to help.

Dave Easley

I know this is an old post but I wanted to let the original poster and anyone else know that the Companion Grill DID have problem with blowing out on a windy day. Holland has a fix for the problem. My Companion grill would blow out constantly when we went camping. We are at 7200 feet in Colorado and camp at 9200 feet sometimes. There is no air/propane mixing valve, just the burner tube bracket on the side that the regulator attaches to. In the original design the top and bottom of this U shaped bracket is open and a gust of wind can blow into it and down the burner tube and extinguish the flame. My wife and I were very frustrated, just like Ridgerunr. I called Holland and Donal Jones said they were working on a fix. He sent me a new burner tube bracket with the top and bottom closed except for a slot to allow air to enter and mix with the propane. PROBLEM SOLVED! Our Companion doesn't blow out and cooks wonderful food.
When you buy a Holland grill you get a quality American made product with excellent customer service. If you have a problem, call Holland, they will make it right!
Thanks Holland Grill!