Topic Title: Natural Gas Connection
Created on March 29, 2008 at 05:45 PM


'Have recently picked up our very 1st Holland grill, the Apex. And the natural gas connection is no 'all there'. Has anyone else have had this problem? We took the part to the store and they are checking it out.... the mystery begins....


I just purchased a Holland grill and had to purchase the natural gas connection for an additional $35. That is with a 12' hose.


We hooked our Holland up to nat. gas. They do not come with a NG connection. You generally have to put a NG orifice in it (which is usually supplied by the dealer) and purchase some sort of hose connection. We with with Holland's 12 foot quick connect hose which works great.


All full size LP Hollands can be converted to NG by changing the gas valve orifice(instructions under "grill care tips" on the website) & purchasing an NG gas supply hose.If the dealer can't help you, call Holland (800-880-9766) or actually you can order the hose on the website under Grill accessories". The NG orifice would be under "Parts/warranty" >model number >gas components.You will get the parts quicker if you order on the website.


This grill is a nightmare to control after converting from lp to natural gas, although after reading posts this seems to be a headache in varying weather conditions?. I got a replacement oriface from Holland but the rep gave me the LP oriface. I ended up soldering it shut & drilling it out to the proper oriface for the Btuh of the unit. It works fine in about 75 deg temperature but gets very hot on hot days & will not get hot enough in cold temps or if it is windy out? After two years of this I decided to replace the valve with a needle valve for fine adjustments. I just did this and I am able to control the temp at 400-425 by slightly opening & closing the needle valve. I hope to be able to maintain temps in varying weather conditions. I'm sure this will void my warranty but I'm a pipefitter so for me this is not an issue. I'll keep you posted on how this works out in the long run. EMAIL me at and I'll be glad to help you out. I'm also considering trying an oven thermostat & thermocouple to see if this could solve cold & windy issues.

To All

Please be cautious about taking the advice of people who modify their grills. All Holland grills & components are tested & certified by The CSA (Canadian Service Association), which would be the equivilant of UL Labs certifying an electrical device.
The grills are not only certified to meet all government regulations, but that they are safe to use when used per the instructions.
If you modify the basic heating system in any way, that grill is no longer legal. What this can mean is that your grill warranty is void & if you should have a fire or explosion, your insurance company may not cover any damage to you or your property.