Topic Title: Companion Electric Indoors?
Created on October 14, 2010 at 03:26 PM

Chris Spruiell

Hey everyone. My Krups countertop convection oven went out on me last night. I am thinking about replacing it with the electric Companion.

What are the drawbacks here? I know I shouldn't use the propane version indoors but why not electric?

I will definitely miss having a cooking timer for your everyday items like pizza or buscuits, but its just a thought.

What do you think?


Only with a full outdoor vented overhead hood. Too much smoke otherwise.


Well doesnt it smoke just as much as any oven though? And that shoudlnt be all that much should it? This is not good as I just purchased one to replace my convection counter top oven haha. .Hmmmm i guess ill just have to see.


I wouldn't use it indoors. It does cook like an oven, but unlike the oven in your kitchen, you don't have the drippings from the meat hitting the hot drip tray and smoking. You don't really get alot of smoke in a conventional oven--if you do, something is on fire :) The more smoking in the Holland is what makes it more tastier than cooking it in an indoor oven.

@ Chris


Officially, all Holland grills are OUTDOOR GRILLS ONLY. DO NOT use indoors.

Your safety is our main concern, but consider this. If you should have a fire or accident when using an outdoor only appliance indoors, your insurance company would not be liable.

We appreciate your business & you are welcome to call us. We will be glad to help.

The Holland Grill Co.