Topic Title: Compliments!!!!
Created on October 26, 2010 at 07:57 AM


I have been a Holland Traditional Grill owner since 1997 and cannot say enough about the quality of the product and the benefits of such healthy cooking.

When in need of technical support I have had the good fortune of being in contact with a genteleman by the name of Dan. He has asisted me with the replacemant of parts as well as any general technical questions. He does this in a friendly professional manner which is a component of service which is often lacking today. He is a true human resource to the Holland Comany. Dan is one of the main reasons I have purchased Holland Grills for other family members.

Holland Grill owners, enjoy!!!!

SD Kid

Well I feel lonely, because I do not get a chance to call any one at Holland, because everything is working better then just good. Getting ready to put a 12.5 lb turkey in my Holland, delicious!!