Topic Title: Natural Gas
Created on October 27, 2010 at 02:17 PM


What size line should be ran to the grill from the meter? It is about 20 feet away

@ Patrick

3/8" fitting on the grill gas valve end & the line/hose should be no less than 3/8" inside diameter all the way through.


Make sure you have a shut-off valve somewhere between the regulator & the grill.

David Swigart

We have just moved and have a grill that we have used LP gas on. At our new location we found a outdoor NG line what do we need to convert over to Natural Gas from LP?

@ David

You only need 2 things, an NG orifice & a gas supply hose without a regulator.
You can order the orifice in the "Parts" section under your model number >"Gas components".
The 12' QD hose is in the "Grill accessories" section.
Instructions for changing the orifice are in the "Grill care tips" section.