Topic Title: Turducken
Created on November 12, 2010 at 09:12 PM


I never saw a response from my post last year about anyone doing a "Turducken" on a Holland.

Hasn't anyone tried this yet? I have a Heritage Plus and am not sure I can slow cook one enough even if I have water in the drip pan and the cover propped open. My Heritage cooks at 425 in summer adn around 350 in Minnesota winter, so its dialed in just right. From the resipes I've read a Turducken needs an all day (11-12 hours) at around 225-275 degrees.

Really want to try it and if I have to I will be the guinea pig for all Holland owners and pass along my results.


We've done them a number of times but always indoors in a 225deg oven. The slow cooking is key so if you get the temp worked out then no reason why not on your grill. We use Paul Prudhomme's recipe find it at
It's quite a process but a lot of fun with a group of people to help cook. Prep the stuffings and birds the day before and assemble the beast, wake up early the next day and cook for 8 hr or so. Get your butcher to debone the birds if you're not up to it. It's worth it, they are fantastic!


I do at least 4 a year 2 at thanksgiving and 2 at xmas I do mine for about 9 hours on the grill come out awsome. I get an aluminum pan and put a rack in the bottom and put the bird in covered with foil first 7 hours then uncover and cook additional 2 hour some times take rack and all out of pan and place right on cooking grid.. Been doing it thisway for last 6 year..



our Turducken is about 18 lbs. total - what size are the ones you are cooking?