Topic Title: Turkey
Created on November 21, 2010 at 01:01 PM


Iam planning on cooking two 18pd.turkeys at the same time in my Holland grill. Can I do this?

Jeff G

You best bet to make them as compact as possible is to truss them, here is a video tutorial from the Legendary Alton Brown.

If they fit, it will probably be tight, and you may have to rotate them half way through since one side is slightly hotter.


I did two last year and they turned out great, follow Jeff's advice and cover the wing tips with foil


I cook two 14 pound birds at the same time and it works great. I like to rotate them some during cooking to keep the wings from getting a little black but they are simply delicious.


Did 3 turleys at the same time on mine took a little longer but oh so good.. Did one with garlic and herb injection,one with rotiserie rub, and one with a maple smoke house rub.. Take your choice and dig in..