Topic Title: 18Lb Turkey
Created on November 22, 2010 at 05:37 PM


Getting ready to try to cook a 18lb turkey for Thanksgiving got the digital thermometer ready. Any advice before I do this ?


Let the bird set out for 30 min or so to get as close to room temp as possible. The grill temp will drop a little when placing something cold on it.
Cook for 12-15 min per pound & enjoy!


There's a little video at the top of Holland's website on the homepage showing you how to grill a turkey. This will be my second year grilling turkey on the Holland. Can't beat it!


The most important thing is to use a probe type thermometer & cook until the internal temp is 170/180 internally in the thickest part of the thigh.


my first bird on my holland.have digital thermometer and understand the 12-15 min. a pound rule.however i do not have an external temp. gauge to tell me the temp inside the grill.just a lever to adjust the flame.what setting of flame should i use for 18lb turkey high?medium?or low?i'm perplexed about this.any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Darin 11/24/10


I just bought an oven thermometer and sat in my grill to tell me the inside temp. Costs around 10 bucks.

Your Holland grill should just have one setting and inside temp is of the grill is around 400-450 degrees.

I am unaware of a Holland grill with a high medium low setting.


classic 2 had a two speed burner. i LOVE mine. set on low you can cook low and slow. try it i think you will like it.