Topic Title: Holland Grill Family Cookbook
Created on November 24, 2010 at 06:34 PM

The Holland Co.

The ink is still drying on this brand new item--the long-awaited Holland Grill Family Cookbook just arrived. With over 300 recipes, this hard cover, three-ring masterpiece will surely become one of the most-read books in your house. Click on GRILL ACCESSORIES on our website to order yours today. If you'd like to get an autographed copy from the author, check our demo and book signing schedule at the top of our home page. Happy Holland-days to all of you! --THG


The cookbook sounds great. Are you still acepting recipes? I discovered a fantastic recipe for roasted potatoes that I do on my Holland. Even my kids love them!

grillin gal

The book is being sent to the dealers now and currently being sold on line so its too late to submit now but watch for reqests for recipes in the future when we write the second edition. Order a cookbook today to see thew great recipes already pub lished.

Mark L.

Can you share your recipe here?


Yes please share your recipes here!! We will be adding 50 new recipes to the next addition but be sure to onclude your address and name if you want to be listed in the drawing for a prize- (if the company chooses to do prizes again.)
We just made the Dales Steak rub last night - the spices were perfect!!!