Checking the igniter

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STEP 1 First, make sure the wire leading from the igniter to the electrode is connected and firmly seated. Disconnect the wire and then reconnect, making sure it is fully pushed into the igniter.

If your igniter is not working properly, there is a simple adjustment you may be able to make before you replace it.

NOTE: OBSERVE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS BEFORE WORKING ON YOUR GRILL. TURN OFF AND DISCONNECT GAS SUPPLY. REFER TO YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL OR CALL HOLLAND'S CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Before you replace the igniter on your grill, check first to see if it can be adjusted. This may save you from having to buy the entire igniter kit. Click on the pictures to read directions on how to adjust your igniter. If indeed you need to replace the igniter assembly, Click here to buy the igniter kit.