Manually lighting the grill

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Light a kitchen match and place it in the clip that is attached to the long chain on your grill. NOTE: Instead of a match, you can certainly use one of those long butane lighters. ALWAYS open the lid when lighting the grill. If your match blows out, strike another one and keep it lit before you turn on the gas.

NOTE: (October 2008--If you recently received a bottom shell replacement kit that does NOT have an igniter or a hole cut out to manually light the grill, don't panic! You can still light the grill very easily. Click on the pictures to the right to see how.
If your igniter is definitely not working, you can easily and safely light the grill with a match or butane lighter.

Lighting the grill manually is very simple. If you don't have a butane lighter, you can simply use a kitchen match and the long chain and alligator clip that is attached to your grill. Click on the pictures for more details.