BHA3015 Carolina Seasoning


We’ve brought it back–Holland’s “Original” Carolina Seasoning! This flavorful all-purpose spice developed it’s own cult following almost as soon as Brad Holland introduced it in the late 80’s.  Word-of-mouth allowed Holland to ship this seasoning all over the world, even to folks who had no idea what a Holland Grill was. They just loved the flavors it created.  It’s unique blend of salts and spices make it the perfect compliment to any food including all meats, vegetables, rice, eggs and even mashed potatoes. Some have said Carolina even makes a hot dog taste good! The new yellow shaker-top lid conveniently flips up for both sprinkling or scooping. We worked closely with Holland’s spice source to preserve the original recipe that has made it a necessary addition to anyone’s pantry. Order a jar, two jars even three. Heck, why not order a whole case. You’ll love it!

BUY A FULL CASE (12 – 13oz. jars) and receive a discount. Enter 12 in Quantity to see savings.

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