When I bought The Holland Grill Co., we found hundreds of grill parts in the warehouse and a few partially assembled grills collecting dust. We sorted through everything and pieced together some “hybrid” grills and decided to offer them to you at greatly discounted prices. Some may have a scratch or two; maybe a ding here and there. But ALL are new, never-used and guaranteed to perform as advertised and backed by a limited factory warranty. These grills have been factory inspected to make sure everything works properly. We will ship it to you in a single box almost fully assembled and with FREE SHIPPING! (certain shipping restrictions may apply).

Thank you for your support.



  NOTE: All gas grills come set to use Liquid Propane (LP)

Our lingo: SD means “Scratch-and-Dent” Hybrid means we had to add a different part to complete the grill. Pretty simple, huh?

Stay tuned for more grills to come!